Mr. P One Man Shy Table Lamp

This little lamp, called "Mr. P", Designed by Propaganda has won a lot of popularity over the last couple of months.

Mr. P is a shy guy, and you can make him happy by switching him on! (Yes, the switch on/off button is his winky!)
Personally, I love this piece of design. It's unusual and a little provoking. Just what we need to brighten up our days!

Mr. P can be bought here :

Propaganda Mr. P Lamp - One Man Shy - Black

Propaganda Mr. P Lamp - One Man Shy - White

Available in many more colours.

DIY Tennis Ball Hanger

I know this is probably not a new idea, but lately I've seen this cutie pop up several places, and I can't help falling in love with it...

And it's quite simple to make as well; cut a mouth on the tennis ball and add a couple of eyes (eg. with a marker, or buy roll eyes at your local hobby store). To be able to hang it, you need something that can stick to your wall. You can use Velcro, strong tape, something with suction etc. Give it a try, and you'll have a little hanger for yourself!

Loving Lana Del Rey

By now, most of us know Lana Del Rey. She might not be as authentic as she first appeared to be, but I still love her deep voice and her soulful tunes.
Her real name is Elizabeth Grant. She took the name Lana Del Rey a few years back, when she struggled to succeed. A combination of Hollywood glamour star Lana Turner, and the midsized family car, the Ford Del Rey. Apparently she had a lot of help from her rich daddy, who made sure she had the best producers and writers in the music business, to help her rise to fame.

It's a shame you have to create alter egos to succeed, when there's enough authentic talent out there, who can perform just as well. Lana is no exception. Having said that, I love the style of her, and her album "Born To Die". Take a listen to her single "Blue Jeans", and feel free to share what's on your mind!

Melting Ice Cream Doorstop

I recently came across this GREAT doorstop in one of my local decor shops, and I thought I'd better share it with you, when I found it was also available to buy online at Amazon! I just love this design, and since it's summer it's perfect for annoying doors in the house. A fun little gift for a friend or as in my case, I just bought it for myself...

It is made of vinyl and is 4" long. It can even be used as a paper weight.

The price is $14.99 at Amazon

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