Loving Lana Del Rey

By now, most of us know Lana Del Rey. She might not be as authentic as she first appeared to be, but I still love her deep voice and her soulful tunes.
Her real name is Elizabeth Grant. She took the name Lana Del Rey a few years back, when she struggled to succeed. A combination of Hollywood glamour star Lana Turner, and the midsized family car, the Ford Del Rey. Apparently she had a lot of help from her rich daddy, who made sure she had the best producers and writers in the music business, to help her rise to fame.

It's a shame you have to create alter egos to succeed, when there's enough authentic talent out there, who can perform just as well. Lana is no exception. Having said that, I love the style of her, and her album "Born To Die". Take a listen to her single "Blue Jeans", and feel free to share what's on your mind!


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